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Simple Tuple Space

SimpleSpace is a small subproject of the MASP project, and provides a light-weight, easy-to-use and extensible Java tuple space implementation. The SimpleSpace tuple spaces may hold any Java objects and provide basic tuple space functionality.

A tuplespace is a bag of tuples, which provides some simple, yet mighty, operations like read, write, remove. A tuplespace is a kind of shared memory, as multiple processes can access it, write into it, etc. Furthermore, tuplespaces provide a template-matching mechanism for their operations. Let's assume there is a tuplespace with entries: (2,"SimpleSpace") and (2, "TupleSpace") . calling read(2, _) would return both entries, as both tuples match the (2, _) template. Calling read(_, "SimpleSpace") would only return (2, "SimpleSpace").

One of the main problems with existing tuplespace implementations is their size. Many are very heavy-weight. They provide lots of features, but a programmer only uses a fraction of them. While designing SimpleSpace much effort has been put to create a highly configurable and extensible solution. Through wrappers simple spaces with only basic features can be easily extended with new functionality. Thus, the programmer can put layers of wrappers upon a space and extend the features according to needs. This mechanism is similar to the Decorator Pattern.

Simple Tuple Space Download

The SimpleSpace.zip download contains all needed JARs, a FAQ, examples and JavaDoc documentation. The tuple space implementation requires Java 5 or higher to work. The Simple Space implementation can be used under the restrictions of the GPL Version 3 Licence.


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